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    Can an Independent Contractor Be Fired?

    As an employer, you may find that you need additional help here and there. However, when working out the budgets, numbers don't allow for...

    How to Leave the Past Behind?

    Introduction: As humans, it is natural that we get attached to many things and many people. In all this, we mustn't stick to our...

    How to Be a Go Getter – How to Be a...

    Many people dream, but only a few do. A doer or a go-getter is someone who strives to achieve their dreams to reality. While...
    self development

    4 Self-Development Tips for Every Entrepreneur

    Nothing is as easy as it appears to be. Life has its challenges, which can only be tackled when you have the best skills...


    Inspired Protagonist

    Change Its Inspired Protagonist, Joseph Kaifala

    We sent a film crew out to capture our week on the Change It project. We looked for inspired protagonists and found them plenty....
    Environment Suburbia

    Environment Suburbia

    Over the past 2 wks my family had the opportunity to host Janyl Ramirez in our home. Janyl is 16 and attends the High...

    Corporate Synchronicity

    “One of the most important roles we can play individually or collectively is to create an opening, or to ‘listen’ to the implicate order...

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