How to Be a Go Getter – How to Be a Doer


Many people dream, but only a few do. A doer or a go-getter is someone who strives to achieve their dreams to reality. While dreaming is just the beginning of a successful journey, a doer ensures your journey does not end when you wake up.

Undeniably dreamers only convey the ‘what if’ while doers show the world of the ‘what’s what. Don’t get it twisted; both a dreamer and a go-getter are essential because you cannot reach for what you do not dream or envision.

If you have been wondering about the next step of being a go-getter to achieve your dreams, you are in the right place. This guide will help you take your head out of the sand and ‘get it! Read on.


Outline the Bigger Picture

Your dream will always remain a dream until you know the direction to begin following as a doer. It would be best to map out a plan of what you want to achieve in good time. This way, you will be placing a target over your dreams to ensure you get them within the given timeline.

However, only map out things that are in your power to accomplish. For instance, as an author, you should focus on completing your manuscript rather than publishing it. Besides, what will you be publishing if you have no manuscript?


Be Reasonable In Your Expectations

A book takes a long to finish; therefore, do not expect to complete it before the month is over. While it’s essential to finish your task in good time, always work on it when you have the motivation. This way, your ideas will be flowing smoothly to deliver what your readers will enjoy.

Working with expectations that keep you awake at night will only end up giving you depression. Subsequently, the depression will only prevent you from doing a good job and fail. Still, it would help to work with realistic deadlines.


Learn New Skills

You can have the perfect dream for your success journey but lack the knowledge to achieve it. Lacking the skills is a significant hindrance hence the need to beef up your knowledge on everything concerning your ambitions.

For instance, to be a great writer, you also need to read. This is the only way you will learn new skills to perfect what you already have. As usual, the industries of so many things keep changing, so you will need to keep up.


Acquire Experience

While your purpose is to acquire new skills, getting real experience with them would do much better. If you dream of being a writer, you should look for some media organizations or any other company that would appreciate a writer’s skills.

Because you are just beginning and lack proper experience, most companies would hire you at an intern level and most likely with no pay. Your primary focus is benefiting your skills from the exposure to working with no pay should not let you turn down the offers. Besides, skills are always priceless.

Even though talking about your dreams and aspirations is great, it is high time to shift your focus and use your time to reach and get things done. Unlock your potential now; be a doer!