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    Can an Independent Contractor Be Fired?

    As an employer, you may find that you need additional help here and there. However, when working out the budgets, numbers don't allow for...

    How to Leave the Past Behind?

    Introduction: As humans, it is natural that we get attached to many things and many people. In all this, we mustn't stick to our...

    How to Be a Go Getter – How to Be a...

    Many people dream, but only a few do. A doer or a go-getter is someone who strives to achieve their dreams to reality. While...
    self development

    4 Self-Development Tips for Every Entrepreneur

    Nothing is as easy as it appears to be. Life has its challenges, which can only be tackled when you have the best skills...



    Why I Joined the Greenpeace Board 2.0

    Greenpeace is one of the best known environmental groups in America, and even better known around the world. They fall roughly left of center...

    10 Tips for Building an Effective Business

    Starting a new business is a responsibility that requires the right discipline and knowledge of the market. In order to build a business that...

    Leadership and Personal Development Ideas From Business

    Leadership development is among the top aspects of any growing business today. Most businesses that lack the planning of distribution of responsibilities see a...

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