How to Leave the Past Behind?


As humans, it is natural that we get attached to many things and many people. In all this, we mustn’t stick to our past. For some, the past might include only happy memories but for everyone, it is not so. We go through bad phases to learn and become stronger. Our past should be our greatest teacher, but we should not at all cling to it. Leaving the past behind is necessary so that we can move forward in life. While gaining experience and lessons, if one wishes to grow, this becomes important.

Although, we all are different, and leaving the past behind might not be easy for all. For some, it includes going through the process of grief. While for others it may involve attachment and too much pride. Whatever it is, let us look at a few ways by which you can help prepare your mind to leave the past behind.

  1. Mindfulness:

Mindfulness is not new. It is an age-old technique that has worked for almost all. It includes using your breath or the objects or people around to come to the present. This may seem confusing and difficult at first but once you do it a few times, you get a hold of it. All you need to do is, take a deep breath and look around you. The goal is to feel that you are completely aware of the moment. Look at anything for a while and concentrate. Practicing this now and then helps in fighting involuntary thoughts about the past.

  1. Forgiveness:

In case, you are stuck with the memories of someone who hurt you, this is for you. It may not be easy to forgive someone but you do not need to hurry. Take your time to contemplate and live with the burden for a while. At this time, you should try looking at the past situation with objectivity. Also, think about future concerns. In the end, we all are humans and we make mistakes. If the person is valuable in your life and if you feel you are ready to forgive, do not hold back. Do so with a warm heart.

  1. Routine:

While fighting off a bad time, you must not let yourself fall into the empty phase. Because, when you stop doing anything because of your memories, you add on the burden of being unproductive and unhealthy. This leads to more anxiety and increased attachment to past the. This might lead to depression. To not let this happen, stick to a routine. Wake up at a time, do some exercise, get your work done on time, healthily they and take care of yourself.

  1. Accept:

There is no better medicine for bad memories than acceptance. Acceptance works like bliss if you have forgiven the people involved in the past and decided to move on. Once you give yourself a chance to accept things as they were, you begin a new chapter in your life. With this chapter, you would head towards a stronger version of yourself.

Remember, we all are humans. We do not need to neglect our emotions or memories. But if they are consuming you all the time, it is a good call to leave the past behind. In the midst of it, do not get hard on yourself. Take some time off, go on a trip and even stay alone if you wish. Happiness and peace will follow.